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Truth or Drink

This was a game that I designed and created the rules for as a gift for a friend’s birthday (and to play at her party). The concept of “Truth or Drink” is not an original one, and has been expanded upon by existing boardgame companies. However, I adapted the rules and play style to fit more what I felt my friends would enjoy. I changed it so that it was played much more like the card game War, and wanted the design to reflect that. I started with a playing card base to reference the rules that I was basing my version of the game on. This had the added bonus that the deck could be versatile and used for other games if wanted. I spent time searching and coming up with good questions that one might hear in a scandalous game of truth or dare. Two questions were put on each card in order to extend the length of the game. I chose a typeface for the questions that I felt was modern but still reminded me of the old bicycle playing cards. I even created an instruction sheet for easy reference if my friends ever wanted to play when I wasn’t around.

Player Instruction Card:

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