Dear Ms. Dodson,

An Experimental Type Book (A Selection of Pages):
Childhood photos collaged with 3rd grade journal entries and typographic captions of original entries.
I only recently re-discovered this old journal as well as several photos of myself around that age. I collaged the journal pages and photographs together. This allowed me to put a face to the random, hilarious, emotional, and even at times unknowingly profound thoughts of a third grade girl. I wanted to connect that girl to the person she had grown up to be, so I decided to use type to emulate my clumsy handwriting as a way of re-creating these old journal entries. I juxtaposed my own messy, childish writing with my teacher’s, who I kept in a neat italic to show our difference in maturity and character. I took this as an opportunity to let myself play with formatting, spacing, and size, trying to see how many typographical rules I could break and still make an end product that looked good and made sense to the tone of the book. This project changed my perception of myself at that time in my life, as well as how I currently perceive children of that age now.