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L is for LOST

In one of my design classes I was tasked with creating a letter book aimed at young children learning the alphabet. I was assigned to the letter L to design my book around. I named my book "L is for LOST!" and it centers on a childlike character getting lost in increasingly ridiculous situations (beginning with the letter L), and advice on what to do in those situations (using a lot of L consonance). For this assignment I had to think about what kind of design style would appeal to young children. I decided that watercolors would create a soft, safe tone while also allowing for bright, vibrant colors that would be stimulating to kids. I also thought about how much I loved stickers when I was a kid, and decided to use different kinds of stickers (stars, animals, etc.) as collage elements in the illustrations. I used a typeface that reminded me of old fantasy and fairytale books from my own childhood. I then printed the pages and glued them to a cardboard book mock up. 
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